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'The best book I've read this year'

This is one of my favourite books this year.
I absolutely loved it and read it in one sitting.
The premise of two different women with two different stories to tell grabbed me from page one. I couldn't even imagine how the stories were connected and I HAD to know and kept reading it until it was finished.... 
It is a really well written book, with a very strong story and beautifully drawn characters. I will definitely read this again and I highly recommend it.

Mrs A Hunt, Amazon reader

Tense, emotional and totally gripping.

The Missing Twin is essentially two stories, alternating between Edie and Fatima. Two very different people, both stories utterly compelling.... I knew that Edie and Fatima’s paths were set to collide but I couldn’t figure out how and I was really eager to try and fit all the pieces together. Some I did but others were lost under the sofa I think as I was totally shocked when everything came together. The Missing Twin really does have the wow factor.   

Dee-Cee, itsallaboutthebooks

Gripping and sensational debut!

Eve, beinguniquebooks

This is a gripping debut psychological thriller that I found hard to put down. With characters that are totally believable I was sucked into the book from the start. Edie has always felt inferior to her identical twin sister Laura but they have always been best friends. When Laura joins Edie out of the blue on the gorgeous island on the Adriatic Sea where Edie now works and lives she couldn’t be happier. This joy is very short lived as just as Laura arrives she goes missing, leaving poor Edie to search for answers with dead end results as even her boyfriend Vuk, with whom she has a toxic relationship with, is unwilling to help.
Fatima’s story tells a completely different one, yet it is also so addictive. When Fatima arrives home with her twin daughters’ aged just 3 years old she cannot believe what devastation is in front of her as her home is flattened and her beloved husband dead. The next stage of her life is to leave her war torn country in the hope of finding a better life for her girls, this journey is terrifying yet amazing to read. Fatima endures trauma and tragedy yet it is this that gives her a strength that she never knew she possessed.
The chapters alternate between the two stories and it is hard to see how their lives could be linked.
A compelling read with a massive twist at the end that is so unexpected!

Julie Williams, blogger, guest reviewer at Boon's Bookcase

A unique, exciting psychological thriller that will tug at your heartstrings, and keep you guessing until the very last page! Perfect for fans of Teresa Driscoll and Shari Lapena.