Edie and Laura

Edie and Laura The twins, together on the day of Laura's arrival at the resort.

Fatima and Marwa

Fatima and Marwa Fatima loves her twin girls above all else. But love alone won't save them. Does she have the strength, resilience and resources to get them to safety? And, perhaps most important of all, the luck.


Vuk Edie thinks she's in love with Vuk. Her relationship might seem strange to some of us - but when we find out what lies behind her obsession, it all becomes clear.


Vlad The resort manager and Edie's enemy number one. Is he also her nemesis?

Edie's beach

Edie's beach The view of the perfect horseshoe bay from the path that leads to Edie's favourite swimming place.

Adriatic paradise

Adriatic paradise The country Edie's working in is tranquil and idyllic - on the surface. But Edie uncovers dark secrets beneath the paradisaical surface that lead her into deep trouble.

Evening in the bay

Evening in the bay Edie wishes the warm golden lights and cosy familiarity of the bay could take away the danger she knows she's in... but it can't.

Road around the bay

Road around the bay This is the beautiful bayside road along which Edie's speeds on the scooter - and realises she's being followed.

Wide blue sea

Wide blue sea Edie has to survive an epic swim if she's to solve the mystery.

Night sea

Night sea The sea that's so enticing by day is a different matter at night.

Boats in the bay

Boats in the bay The bay is calm and never-changing. But there's no safety there for Edie.